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In order to join ACE you may either complete our online form or download a printable membership form.

Printable Membership Form

  1. pdf-iconPlease click HERE to access our membership form

  2. Download, print, and complete the membership application form
  3. Make checks payable to ACE
  4. Send form and payment to:
    PO Box 1793
    Edmonds WA 98020

Attention: The membership form must accompany all membership dues mailed to above address. Donations are not tax deductible.

Join Online

Please complete all required fields and click “submit.” You may pay your annual dues at the next ACE monthly meeting.

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Membership is open to anyone who supports the goals of ACE as stated in our Articles of Incorporation, which are as follows:

  • To retain the residential, small town atmosphere of Edmonds and protect it from harmful development.
  • To preserve the low-level architecture of Edmonds, which allows minimal obstructions of views and sunlight, and to preserve other amenities that make Edmonds a desirable home.
  • To retain a healthy business community in Edmonds.
  • To encourage types of housing and business development which are harmonious with the character of Edmonds.
  • To identify and support public works and other civic projects which improve the safety, beauty and livability of our community.
  • To encourage the preservation and restoration of older houses and buildings which are reflective of the history of Edmonds.
  • To protect the natural environment of the city, including its streams, trees, beaches, parks and open spaces, from uses that adversely affect and impair its use and enjoyment by the people of Edmonds.
  • By payment of the annual dues you represent to us that you support and subscribe to the above goals of the Alliance of Citizens for Edmonds.

Thank you for your support!