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Post Office Property – 2nd between Main and Bell

In May 2010 Edmonds 2020 LLC, represented by Doug Spee, submitted a” Pre-application” to develop a mixed use project at property addressed 201 Main St. This property is the Western half of property where the current Post Office resides between Main St and Bell St along 2nd Avenue. The Post Office has announced that this is the preferred site for its relocation, and the pre-application indicates plans to accommodate them in its redevelopment.

The details indicate that Phase 1 will consist of ground floor commercial of approximately 8,400 feet and 48 apartment units. Initial height of the structure is shown in drawings submitted to be in excess of 34 feet compared to the current zoning of 30 feet. However recent versions have brought the current preliminary plans into compliance with heights. Planning also comments that Phase 2 as shown in preliminary drawings is above the 30-foot height limit. While there is no specific proposal on Phase 2 in the notes and comments, Mr. Spee has mentioned that one alternative being considered is for a “boutique hotel” on the Main St end of the property.

While planning this project is clearly in a preliminary stage, height and other variance issues indicated in the preliminary comments indicate that close attention should be paid as it moves forward in the process.

The permit number for this project is PRE20100008, the address is 201 Main St and the permit details can be reviewed at the city Citizen Connect website https://permits.edmonds.wa.us/citizen/PermitSearchM.aspx?search=Permit&CONID=PT-LIVE