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Old Safeway / Antique Mall Redevelopment

This 4.28 acre property is owned by ESC Associates, a multiple owner partnership represent by Al Dykes. Approximately 30 years ago, the Safeway store that was the primary tenant of the large building south of the strip mall closed that store. Since that time a variety of tenants have occupied the large building, and no redevelopment has occurred. At least one proposal by ESC/Dykes that included a casino was rejected by the City. When redevelopment was considered by the owners of this property, Harbor Square (the Port) and Skippers as a group, My Dykes was quoted in the paper as saying the property was worth $17 million! Its assessed value in 2009 was $10.3 million, and its current assessed value is $9.8 million.

In October 2009, ESC submitted a contract rezone application to the city. The applicant appears to be referring to the proposed redevelopment as Sunset Landing. The request proposed that mixed use commercial / condominium buildings in the 60 to 75 foot range. After extensive review of the application and its details, the City issued a Determination of Significance (DNS) on April 16, 2010. That initiated a detailed SEPA review that is in process now. After scoping hearings, the City issued a letter on October 14, 2010 that an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) would be required. That letter requests that the applicant pay for the EIS and provide a list of consultants by November 12, 2010. The letter states that if the consultants are determined to be qualified, it will send out requests for proposal on December 1, 2010. No documents are on the permit site after the 10-14-2010 letter. One piece of information of note is that in the 10-14 letter, a third alternative appears for what seems to be the first time – a Contract Rezone from BC to CG with 45 to 55 foot height limits. An inquiry regarding how this alternative came to be will be made.

Details including all the letters, reports, and other information can be accessed here in the Citizens Connect link on the City website. Permit No. PLN20090051.