ACE President Comments at Edmonds City Council Meeting April 16, 2019 regarding formation of Citizen’s Housing Commission

John Reed, Edmonds Hello, I’m John Reed, Edmonds resident.  I am the President of The Alliance of Citizens for Edmonds (also known as ACE).  My comments this evening are on behalf of ACE. ACE was founded in 2004 by Edmonds citizens who wanted responsible development that respected and complemented the character of Edmonds – its […]

ACE Comments on Proposed Citizen’s Housing Commission

The Alliance of Citizens for Edmonds (ACE) was created by concerned residents in 2004. ACE supports responsible development that respects and complements the character of Edmonds – its small town atmosphere and its generally low-level architecture.  ACE promotes preservation of the natural environment in our City – its streams, beaches, parks and open space. ACE […]

Transparency In City Processes Needs Improvement

Over the last few months, the lack of transparency in City processes has been called out repeatedly. First, exactly what is transparency? One business dictionary defines transparency as a “lack of hidden agendas or conditions, accompanied by the availability of full information required for collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making.” One of the primary obligations of city government […]

Alliance of Citizens for Edmonds (ACE) Comments Regarding Mayor’s Housing Strategy

Increase the supply of market-rate multifamily housing   City Recommended Strategy Actions: ACE Comments: 1.1       Support transit-oriented development along current and future transit corridors. TOD corridors should be strictly defined. There is concern that the City proposal would bring more MFTE zones. 1.2       Allow greater flexibility in multifamily zones. Not in support. Must maintain current […]