Edmonds City Council Agenda Update – February 19, 2019

Attention ACE Members:

We want to call your attentions to two items being discussed by City Council Tuesday evening February 19th::

The link to the meeting agenda with attachments is: http://edmondswa.iqm2.com/Citizens/Detail_Meeting.aspx?ID=2755

1.      The first item B2 is a Potential Process Change to Enhance Council Meeting Transparency. The packet includes a Council Agenda Item Printout at pages 107-109.  Details related to this item can be read in the 10/2/2018 minutes attached at pp 131-133.  The second attachment from the 1/02/2019 minutes at pp 142-144.  We have encouraged Council to video the committee meeting minutes and the last vote rejected doing that by a 2-3 vote with 3 opposed.  We included this in our transparency letter as one of the items we supported.

2.      The second item B3 is a discussion on Affordable Housing Next Steps.  It is on pages 146-150 and includes a memo by Shane Hope and details related to a plan for selection of a new Housing Strategy task force.  We encourage you to review this memo and methodology, identify items you believe are favorable and deficient and communicate those items to Council, either at the meeting (in initial public comments) or in writing.  Some questions might be:

·       Is a 9 member commission, 1 per councilor, 1 for mayor and one at-large, sufficient to provide a full range of thoughts and ideas for this important topic.  What should the background of the members selected (and rejected, if any) be?

·       Are 2 council advisers adequate, and how would they be selected?

·       Should this plan be adopted, or should comprehensive plan and code changes propose methods to carry out the thoughts in the plan?

·       What concerns do you have about the formation of a new proposed Task Force ?

·       Should another facilitator be engaged (the first one was paid $90,000 and is no longer part of the team)?

·       What other concerns do you have, if any?

We encourage you to attend the council meeting at 7:00pm and/or submit any comments to council members before, during, or after the council meeting via email to council members city email addresses.